Friday, October 28, 2011


OK, maybe this "Fry Day" thing wasn't such a great idea.

My intention was to find healthy things to put in my face.  New forms of oven fries.  Instead, I've discovered that I really like pakoras.

Why, yes, those are fried chickpeas to the left.  Seemed a shame to waste that hot oil opportunity...

I guess these aren't truly pakoras.  This recipe was my (naturally vegan) guide, but I fooled around a little with it.  I eliminated the chiles and substituted a little dried cilantro for the fresh; criminal on both counts, I know, but I didn't have them and wasn't about to do a grocery run.  I also made them waaay too big.  The first ones I did were huge, and even though I cooked them too long on the outside the batter was still runny on the inside.  So we'll call them onion fritters.  Whatever the case, they are deee-lish-ush.

They are also deep fried.  I love things that are deep fried.  If you battered my computer mouse and deep fried it, I'd probably at least try a bite.  I don't need to be introduced to more things that are deep fried.  My waist line can't take it.

From top left: Victorious sriracha ketchup, mango chutney, and plain old Heinz.

On a brighter note, the recipe that gave me onion fritters also introduced me to the joys of sriracha spiked ketchup.  Now there's a winning condiment!  I also want to try her ketchup chutney recipe, but first I need to schlep up to the Southside area of Jacksonville and visit the excellent Indian Grocery for chaat seasoning.

And if I do that, I'm only a stone's throw from about four good restaurants that each do a kick-butt channa masala.  So I might as well stop for lunch.  And while I'm having lunch, I could have them send out a little plate of samosas.  And then throw a couple of pakoras on there for good measure, just so that I could measure my home effort by the work of a pro.  Y'know, purely for research.

Please, if you know Red, don't mention my little fryddiction.  He might insist that I start a twelve step program, and it would be a shame to have waste an hour in a support group every day when I could be immersing things in hot fat.  Let's just keep this our own oily, crispy, magnificently spiced secret.


Lauren said...

I hear you on the fried food. You can pry fried food from my cold, dead hands, which, if we're being honest, is probably what I'll be eating when I go. The pakoras look awesome!

Kate said...

Thanks, Lauren! I thought that they weren't bad for a first attempt. My next round will be magnificent, which will of course lead to a third round... and a fourth... and the eventual replacement of the blood in my veins with peanut oil. I will die, but it will be a great way to go :) said...

I'm so with you on the fried food, I recently tried deep fried avocado & I think I might have a problem...I think about it when I wake up, when I'm drifting off to sleep and apparently now when I'm reading anything that mentions fried food! Your pakoras look great, I've never made them myself but I'm going to now!