Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Favorites: Sushi!

Red, Bean and I recently returned from a quickie trip to Panama City Beach over on the Gulf Coast of Florida. While there we sampled a little of the local cuisine - including the offering at Shan Kishi.

Clockwise from the left on our plate is: avocado peanut roll, inari, and a sweet potato roll. All three were great, but the sweet potato roll was transcendent. Tempura sweet potato rolled with rice and nori, topped with a sweet soy glaze - nummers!

Bean thought it was all pretty good, too - as you can see.


snugglebunny said...

Never had sushi, let alone vegan sushi. That sweet potato roll sounds wonderful.

Kate said...

It was. It's almost worth messing up my kitchen with frying equipment just to have another. Yum.